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7" Split Shakes
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January 6,  2017
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Product Information
Installation Information
Most realistic cedar character in the market.
Molds crafted from true cedar.
Completely random appearance.
Nearly 100 unique cedar molds.
40 lineal feet without repeats (most in industry).
Seamless lap system.
Grain on all exposed sides.
Superior grain definition.
Matching corner and J-channel system.
Extensive color selection.

Do you make an inside corner? 
We do not at this time.  Our customers have been using either a single J-channel or double J-channel since the beginning.

Is the manufacturer?
No is simply a distributor.  This manufacturer will not sell directly to the public.  It properly screens prospective distributors to determine if they meet the criteria to become an approved distributor.

Where are the installation instructions?
Installing Staggered Shakes, Split Shakes or Shingles, Download Here.
Installing Shapes, Download Here.

Which should I use 3/4 J-Channel or 1" J-Channel?
If you are purchasing a Staggered Shake,  You will need a 1" J-channel.  The Staggered Shake is more rugged and rigid than the other panels, therefore you will need a wider J-channel to fit them into. 

Scrap Reduction

Less material needed
Less Scrap on every job
Seamless Lap System
Full usage of end pieces
Dont have to line up locks

How much is shipping?
There is no shipping charge in the continental United States.  We will ship elsewhere, please e-mail us for shipping quotes?

How is your siding packaged?
All Siding is packaged 1 square per box except for shapes and 7 inch staggered shake.  All shapes are packaged 1/2 Square per box.  Please see product page for more information. 

Am I charged sales tax?
We do not charge sales tax unless your reside in Alabama. 

What materials are vinyl cedar shingles made from?
Vinyl cedar is manufactured using 100% high-grade vinyl, formulated with special UV inhibitors and other ingredients that give it superior resistance to sun, heat, and cold.

How does it hold up in high winds?
Tests show that properly installed vinyl cedar siding materials withstands winds in excess of 150 mph, making it an excellent choice for the Gulf Coast and other areas where hurricanes and high winds can damage ordinary siding.

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How is it made?
We use a unique, proprietary process that gives us and the homeowners who are choosing types of vinyl cedar siding the best of two worlds. The first part is fine, old-world craftsmanship. We design, build and pour our own molds by hand. There are nearly 100 of them, each different from the others. This gives our products the authentic, random wood look grain that is the #1 selling point for cedar shingles and cedar shake. The second part is that we use advanced manufacturing techniques that produce exceptionally high quality Vinyl Cedar - quality that makes it a leading choice for architects and builders who recognize the significant added value of cedar siding materials.

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What makes vinyl the best house siding material?
When it's designed and manufactured properly, vinyl gives a home's exterior a unique combination of beautiful and classic appearance, with virtually zero maintenance required. Most homeowners tell us that their goal is to simplify chores, and gain more family time. Vinyl home siding is the ultimate family-value alternative for busy families who want more time for fun, and less time on ladders, scraping wood rot and painting!

What makes our house siding materials so easy to install?
Vinyl Cedar has the elegance and appearance of tree wood, but it also has something that tree wood shakes can never have. This is our Positive Panel Interlock System that assures a perfect, permanent fit.

Will I be able to see the laps?
If you know exactly where to look, and are blessed with perfect 20-20 vision, you'll be able to find them. (But unless you point them out, no one else ever will!) The concealed laps of vinyl cedar are one of its most popular features.

Who is The Foundry™?
The Foundry™ is a company whose roots go back more than 35 years. Throughout its history, the The Foundry™ name has stood for quality craftsmanship, integrity, and customer service. Tapco International, the parent company of The Foundry™, is a leader in the building products industry in producing quality exterior accents used throughout the world.

Why is The Foundry making various types of vinyl siding material?
The Foundry™ built its reputation by perfecting the art of creating and manufacturing precision, high quality molds - which is precisely what sets Vinyl Cedar apart from ordinary types of vinyl siding, traditional lap siding and other types of home siding.

What makes vinyl a good material for siding?
The Foundry™ had many choices when it was time to make a decision regarding types of siding material. The long-life vinyl we chose has a proven history of resilience, will withstand weather extremes, and can be manufactured in a wide range of spectacular house siding colors.

Does vinyl cedar require any special tools to install?
No. All of the tools used to install this home siding are standard. Special tools aren't needed, and, unlike competitive products, respirators are not required either.

Are there environmental issues to consider when choosing siding?

Yes. First, homeowners who are concerned about the environment will want to know that Vinyl Cedar is manufactured in such a way that scrap and solid waste is significantly reduced compared to some competitor panels. Also, the specific type of vinyl formula we use, PVC, is proven safe, and is widely used in medical devices.

Second, like many Americans, we are troubled about the cutting down of old growth forests. Old growth trees are what give us the natural look and beauty so many of us want for house siding. Yet, in truth, over-cutting has made high-grade wood very hard to find, and extremely costly. What's left is often very bland and average-looking tree wood.

Our mission is to capture and preserve the beauty and texture of those original old growth forests. And that's exactly what craftsmanship, combined with new technology, has allowed us to do.

Why were these specific shapes chosen?
We wanted to give American homeowners great choices in exterior siding. We believe that the best, highest-value neighborhoods have homes that are each unique, and individualized. And we believe that decorating can be as beneficial for the outside of the home as it is for the inside. These shapes, which are also known as Fancy Butts or Fancy Cuts, were chosen because they accurately reproduce the classic profiles that have been used on homes for 200 years. They were chosen because the shapes are tasteful, and timeless.

Note from the owner of

  I get asked on a daily basis, why I prefer Foundry siding over other brands.  So I thought I'd put it out here for all to see.  There are some fine looking vinyl shake siding panels out there, many are very sharp and are much thicker than the Foundrys panel.  Without the knowledge of siding products, I would usually pick the thicker panel every time.  That's because I'm a quality guy.  However, when the product is on the wall, especially after any extended period of time, I would choose the Foundry every time.  You see, I've sold them all, so I have had the luxury (or not so luxurious) of knowing the history of the products. 

I've had the Foundry on my store front for 10 + years and today it looks the same as it did the day we hung it.    I've been selling this product since 1999.  This product has truly been remarkable.

Jon Goggans
Shoals Product