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About the Manufacturer

        The Foundry was founded in 1969 as MTP Corp.  Since the beginning, the company has maintained its focus on developing innovative exterior product solutions.  In 2003 The Foundry was purchased by Tapco International, a giant in the building industry.  Now able to draw off the resources of Tapco, The Foundry has a deep sales and service organization.  Now with extensive resources and experienced understanding of the marketplace, combined with an excellent product, this truly is a winning team.  The Foundry is also a member of The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI).  This is a third party organization that tests vinyl siding to ensure it meets the standards and specifications they set.  For more vinformation visit www.vinylsiding.org.

About The Product

*It has an authentic look, patterned from real cedar shingles and shakes.  The Foundry uses over 100 unique molds with realistic wood graining and detail.  There are less than three repeats in a one square box, therefore there is no visible repeat pattern on the wall.  This gives the wall a more realistic look.

* The panels are easy to install.  Each panel is approximately five feet long.  This can allow for one person installation.  Contractors love it because it is a single lap siding.  There are no temperature gauges on the nailing hem to slow down application.  This product can be installed in all seasons.  It cuts easily with snips.  Easy left to right installation with single lap siding. 

* Single laps means less scrap on every job.  The Foundry product has a scrap rate of less than  5%.  On a 20 square job it could save one 4-6 squares of product and hundreds of dollars versus an injection molded shake or shingle. 

* This product has a strong Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The siding is made with an acrylic cap to maximize stability and long-term appearance.  

* Received the ASTM's Certificate of Conformance
* Awarded the ASTM E84, Class 1 (A) fire rating, the highest possible standard.

*Available in an ever-expanding line of new and traditional colors, including the foundry tropical collection.  The e Top-layer acrylic cap adds strength and keeps colors truer longer.  Colors designed to match other manufacturers siding products for perfect combinations, even with existing siding.
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