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Thank you for visiting is a Shoals Products website.  Shoals Products is a local family-owned and operated business in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.   Since 2002, Shoals Products has gone nationwide with several websites.  We have knowledge and experience in the Vinyl Siding Industry.  We are not someone who simply buys and sells.  We also "live and breathe" the product. .  Of all the vinyl siding products we have sold, this is one that truly stands apart from all others.

Working with the public in a showroom for a vinyl siding business, this product would always catch the customer's eye.  First Question:  "Is that vinyl?  Wow.  I've never seen that before."   Actually, there is a good chance they have.  They could just never recognize that the product was vinyl.   Maybe just a gable or a dormer, etc.., but people like something a little different.  Whole houses are beautiful with this product.  It also goes well with brick.  

All of this in mind, we decided to devote a website to this product.  We are proud to be an approved dealer for The Foundry.  The quality and uniqueness of this product combined with excellent prices and shipments directly to the customer, make this a winning combination. is...

Jon Goggans - Owner
Joanna Goggans - Owner
Linda Norton - Operations Manager
Jeannie Norton - Customer Relations Specialist
Scott Cain - Customer Service Representative

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January 6,  2017
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  I get asked on a daily basis, why I prefer Foundry siding over other brands.  So I thought I'd put it out here for all to see.  There are some fine looking vinyl shake siding panels out there, many are very sharp and are much thicker than the Foundrys panel.  Without the knowledge of siding products, I would usually pick the thicker panel every time.  That's because I'm a quality guy.  However, when the product is on the wall, especially after any extended period of time, I would choose the Foundry every time.  You see, I've sold them all, so I have had the luxury (or not so luxurious) of knowing the history of the products. 

I've had the Foundry on my store front for 10 + years and today it looks the same as it did the day we hung it.    I've been selling this product since 1999.  This product has truly been remarkable.

Jon Goggans
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